10 new cyber cells set up to combat online frauds in Jammu region

JAMMU — The Jammu and Kashmir Police has established 10 new cyber cells in the Jammu region to address emerging cyber frauds, officials said.

One cell was set up in each district in the early months of 2024 in Jammu, they said.

The goal behind forming these district cyber cells is to ensure effective and efficient handling of cyber crimes comprehensively at the local level and to assist people at their doorstep, they added.

Officials were trained in two phases to handle cyber-crime cases, and further capacity building of these personnel will be conducted through various refresher courses in the future.

Telecom officials were also trained by the cyber police station in Jammu to deal with cyber crimes, supporting these newly created district cyber cells, they added.

These district cells are addressing various money-related fraud cases such as KYC update fraud, PDD fraud (pending electricity bill fraud), investment-related fraud, fake loan app fraud, and social media cases like cheating and cases related to the transmission of obscene material on various social media platforms, they said.

“Since the establishment of the district cyber cells, an amount of Rs 68,34,619 has been put on hold and lien marked, and an amount of Rs 21,85,702 has been refunded to the victims. Regarding social media cases, a number of issues have been resolved,” they added.

The cyber police station is acting as a resource body for the entire Jammu Zone, providing training, refresher courses, and all possible assistance to these newly created district cyber cells, they said. — (PTI)