A prayer from Kashmir’s LoC Schools: ‘Hope guns remain silent forever

KUPWARA — As the ceasefire completes one year in Kashmir, the anniversary coincided with the re-opening of schools after three and with a prayer by students studying in schools close to the LoC—‘Hope guns would remain silent forever.’

While praying for a better future, several students with smile on their faces in a school at Karnah area of northern district of Kupwara said that have high hopes about succeeding in their studies now as except last year, the education sector was badly affected by the cross-border shelling as a large number schools were damaged.

A visibly upbeat seat said that they wish that guns that ruined their homeland for decades will remain silent forever now. “We have to forget what happened in the past. We have to compete with the rest of the students. We have to move on. We have to get an education,” they said.

“Students from border areas are praying for a better future because after suffering a lot, we have to move forward and make progress with peace and order,” Musrat, a student from Karnah, told KNO.

Chipping-in another student Munaza said: “We are the future of our areas. With good education we can develop our areas. The government should now take a good look at our education system, which we hope.”

She said that the studies had been affected for the last several years due to the cross border shelling which has not been happening for the last one year now, “let us take advantage of it and advance our education.”

Adan Ahmed, another student said that the students of border areas seem to be fulfilling their dreams and for that peace is a prerequisite. “We have to move forward with our education, we have to work hard because the shelling that we have been waiting for centuries has finally come to an end,” he said.

Another group of students said that they are praying for their better future that has been the victim of bullets for decades. “Eventually, along with their prayers, the atmosphere of peace and order returned to the borders and they got more interested in their studies now,” they said.

The students have appealed to the government to keep an eye on their respective border areas regarding the education system. — (KNO)