Army, Air force rescue pregnant woman from remote village in Kishtwar

KISHTWAR — The Indian army and Air force on Wednesday rescued a pregnant woman in distress from a remote LoC village in Jammu division’s Kishtwar district.

Quoting an Army officer news agency KDC reported that one Sakeena Begum, a resident of Chanjer village in Nowpachi, Tehsil Marwah, was in a critical condition due to pregnancy complications. With the help of the Indian Army and the Air Force, the patient was airlifted to Kishtwar district hospital, saving her life and touching many others in the process, he said.

The region is facing many challenges due to the heavy snow and harsh weather conditions, making it difficult for residents to access medical facilities, the officer said, adding that in such cases, the Indian Army provides crucial support and assistance to those in need.

“The Indian Army is always at the forefront, providing support and assistance to the people of our country, especially in difficult and challenging situations,” said the residents. “Their aim is to ensure that all citizens have access to medical facilities and receive the necessary medical attention.” added the residents.

The airlifting of Sakeena Begum was a testament to the dedication and commitment of the Indian Army and the Air Force, who were able to provide timely assistance despite the constraints and difficulties they faced. The operation was carried out with precision and efficiency, ensuring that the patient received the medical attention she needed.

The residents of Chanjer village expressed their gratitude to the Indian Army and the Air Force for their prompt and effective action. “The Indian Army and the Air Force are our heroes. They have once again proved their commitment to saving lives and serving the nation,” said Abdul Qadir, a resident of Chanjer village.

The Indian Army and the Air Force have always been at the forefront of providing aid and support to the people. From natural disasters to medical emergencies, they are always ready to provide assistance and help those in need, the resident added.