Army rescues pregnant woman in Kupwara

SRINAGAR — Army on Friday conducted a risky emergency medical evacuation of a pregnant woman, suffering from health complications amid heavy snowfall in the frontier district of central Kashmir’s Kupwara district.

On 10 Feb at 09:00 AM, Kalaroos COB received a distress call from Primary Health Centre, Kalaroos requesting urgent medical evacuation for a pregnant woman with abdominal pain, blood loss and liver damage. Heavy snowfall in the region made it impossible for the civil ambulance to ply on the road, making matters worse, news agency KDC quoted a statement from Army as having said.

The Army, according to the statement said understanding the time criticality and deteriorating health of the lady, the Army launched its medical and rescue team in a 2.5 Tonner as it was difficult for any light vehicle to move. The evacuation team shifted the lady carefully onto the vehicle and the determined driver drove through thickly accumulated snow from PHC Kalaroos to SDH Kupwara.

It is to be noted that the Army had stopped its routine vehicle movements in the area due challenging road conditions and inclement weather. However, to save a precious life, a decision was taken to move a vehicle in spite of the heavy risk to soldiers and vehicles.

The swift action and timely assistance of the Army ensured the safety of the pregnant lady. The family and locals expressed gratitude towards the army for its prompt response.