Army’s 19 RR organised peace march to protest Pulwama terrorist attack


ANANTNAG — At Kapran Verinag in the Anantnag District, the 19 Rashtriya Rifles (SIKHLI) organised a peace march and a friendly volleyball match between an Indian Army team and a local team in an effort to demonstrate the local population’s desire to condemn and put an end to evil acts in Kashmir.

In this heinous terrorist incident that took place in Pulwama on February 14, 2019, the civilians mourned the soldiers who gave their life and showed their support for the families of the deceased soldiers.

More than 100 residents of nearby villages took part in this peace march to show their support for the security forces’ efforts to condemn terrorism in the Kashmir Valley.

They also conveyed their gratitude to the security forces for their participation in the event.

The peace march was intended as a protest against terrorism, and it was finished with a pleasant game of volleyball and refreshments for all participants.

Locals applaud Major Mutahapa’s efforts as Company Commander to enhance the bond between Awan and Jawan.

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