Army’s 19 RR organises medical camp ‘to provide basic health facilities’ in South Kashmir

Anantnag: In an attempt to provide basic health facilities in remote areas, the Indian Army on Saturday organized a free medical camp at a Paadshah Maidaan in Sagam village of Anantnag district in South Kashmir.

Amid rains and cold temperature, 19 Rashtriya Rifles Hiller TOB under Sadbhavna organized a free medical camp to provide basic medicines to Andarwan and Salnaar residents.

The medical camp was attended by a large number of locals including children, youngsters and elderly.

300 patients from the village Shalnaar and Andarwan areas got treated in the camp and free medical Check ups / Consultation done by the doctor which was called from 19 Rashtriya Rifles Headquarter.

Army doctor Dr Pradeep and company Commander Major Harshdeep told that “Today’s medical camp is being organised with an aim to provide free basic health facilities to the villagers amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Since villagers in far-flung are unable to approach the big hospitals for medical attention, we organise small camps to provide basic medicines free medical consultation for people.”

Speaking about the common health issues faced by the villagers in that area Major Harshdeep said that people between the age group of 18 and 24 at the camp were suffering mostly from cold and fever while the elderly people from the village consulted the army doctors regarding back and joint pains.

‘Besides medical consultations and check-ups, medicines were also provided to the people free of cost,’

Locals appreciate the steps taken by the Indian Army to provide basic health facilities in far-flung areas, a village local, said that more such medical camps should be organized across the Union Territory on a regular basis for benefits of Rural people.

The seamless synergy between Army and civil administration particularly with medical department fulfilled a long awaited demand of the local population of Anderwan and Shalnar.

The aged and the infirm who could not traverse long distances for specialized treatment were benefited the most by this quality Medical care.

The relentless efforts of the army have been widely appreciated by AWAAM and have assisted in building stronger bond between them.

By: Sheikh Nadeem

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