BJP leader expelled from party for making hate speech in Poonch

JAMMU — Jammu and Kashmir BJP chief expelled senior leader Satish Bhargav from the party and also from the primary membership of the party for six years over “hate speech” and “unparliamentary language” during an election meeting.

Disciplinary action was taken against Satish Bhargav after a video circulated in media where Satish Bhargav was making hate speech threatening and using unparliamentary language in a meeting at Mendhar area of district Poonch.

Following the incident, Sunil Sethi, Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee, Jammu and Kashmir has recommended the action against Bhargav to Ravinder Raina, President of Jammu and Kashmir.

“It is highly deplorable and such behaviour by senior leader is gross indiscipline and can’t be tolerated in a disciplined Party like BJP. It is as such recommended that he should be immediately expelled from Party for 6 years. Enquiry is not needed in this matter as his conduct is recorded and spread in the masses,” read the letter from Sunil Sethi, Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee.

“Based on recommendation made by the Chairman Disciplinary Committee Jammu and Kashmir BJP today, Satish Bhargav district Spokesperson Poonch is expelled from the party and also from the primary membership of the Party for a period of six years for gross indiscipline and for making using Un-Parliamentary Language and hate speech, which is video recorded, said a statement from to Ravinder Raina, President Jammu and Kashmir. — (ANI)