BSF hands over 6 Pakistani nationals within 24 hours after they ‘illegally’ crossed over

Amritsar: Within 24 hours of their arrest, the Border Security Force (BSF) handed over six Pakistani nationals to the Pakistan Rangers on Saturday evening.

They had inadvertently crossed over to India from the International Border (IB) near Moran village on Friday evening.

For the first time in years, that so many Pakistani nationals strayed into Indian territory from this part of the IB.

A BSF spokesperson—who holds DIG rank—stated that all six youngsters, who hail from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan, were immediately challenged by vigilant border guards after they crossed over to India.

They were held from the area between the IB and the barbed wire fencing, which is located 150 yards inside the IB.

He added, that it also showed the humanitarian face of the professional frontier force as crossing over the barbed fence would have authorized the BSF Jawans to shoot at the intruders.

Upon investigation, they were found innocent civilians between the age group of 14 to 25 years—who out of curiosity to see the border, and unfamiliar with the geographical topography of the area—crossed over to India.

He added, that nothing incriminating was found from their possession except few Pakistani currency notes.

They were identified as Raza Awan, 19, Shaukat, 18, Mohammad Arif, 22, Mohammad Asif, 25, Mohammad Asral, 14, Umar Farooq, 21.

During interrogation, they told, that they were labourers by profession and were working at a primary school in Warra Mangli village, three km from the IB.

They had come to see the border when they had inadvertently crossed over it.

Last year, the BSF had returned six Pakistani nationals to their native country after finding them innocent after they had inadvertently crossed over to India. (AGENCY)

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