Centre failed to render any help, take timely step to rescue and evacuate students from Ukraine: Congress

JAMMU — Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) has regretted that the Government of India has failed to render any help and take timely step to rescue and evacuate the students from war zone Ukraine, as revealed by the two students of Jammu region who returned on their own arrangements and expense.

The revelations of two young girls from Udhampur, in the media today have exposed the hollow claims of the Modi Govt. of rendering all sorts of help to the stranded students and Indian nationals in the war zone Ukraine, who number was stated to be around 20,000 including some 200 students from Jammu and Kashmir.

JKPCC Chief Spokesperson Mr. Ravinder Sharma regretted that the hollow claims of Modi Gov. have fallen flat, in view of the real story disclosed by the students who have managed to return on their own efforts and expense. It is unfortunate that the Indian flights were charging higher than the foreign flights from the distressed Indian people. Those who could afford to pay and manage could come but lot of others are stranded in the war zone, facing death.

Regrettably one Indian student has already got martyred while others are fearing death and facing the worst ordeal.

It is unfortunate that GoI, especially the BJP leaders are making tall claims in the media to mislead the countrymen about the real plight of own citizens there. It has also come in notice that UPA Govt. had constituted a special fund of crores of rupees under ICWF for such situations but students and others have to pay huge fare to get rescued.

Expressing solidarity with the stranded citizens and students and their family members, JKPCC has expressed upon the Govt. to rescue the Indian nationals including fro J&K on war footing. — (KIMS)