Congress’ ideological fight against BJP, its policies in J&K will be intensified: Rajni Patil

JAMMU — Jammu and Kashmir has suffered the most under the BJP regime, senior Congress leader and MP Rajni Patil alleged Thursday, asserting that in run-up to the assembly elections, the Congress will intensify its ideological fight against the saffron party and its policies towards the union territory. She was addressing workers meeting on Friday at Guru Nanak Nagar organized by Block Congress Committee wherein Chief JKPCC GA Mir, Working President JKPCC Raman Bhalla, General Secretary JKPCC Manmohan Singh, APRO Sukhwant Brar, Spokespersons Congress Ravinder Sharma, Ex MLA Haji Abdul Rasheed, Distt Jammu President Urban Yogesh Sawhney, Mahila Congress President Indu Pawar, General Secretary, Channi Singh, Treasurer Rajnesh Sharma participated. Prominent among those present on the occasion include Sewadal Chairmen Vijay Sharma Babbi, Minority Department Vice Chairmen Gurdarshan Singh, OBC Department Chairmen Suresh Dogra, UWC Department Chairmen Rajver Singh, SC Cell Chairmen Karan Bhagat, Block President Mandeep Singh, Ex Youth President Pranav Shagotra, Tariq Sajad, Dr Ramankant Khajuria, Block President Satish Sharma, Block President Yudhvir Singh, Corporator Dewarka Choudhary, Vijay Chib, Aman Bawa, Vijay Khajuria Viju, Kulbushan Sharma, Arvinder Sharma Munna, Parveen Basotra, Sanjay Gupta Murli, Sandeep Dogra Sonu, Satpal Sapolia, Aditya Gupta, Ashwani Sethi, Girish Razida, Gurdeep Singh Kaka and others.

Rajni Patil speaking on the occasion claimed that so far BJP rule has been of “mismanagement, immense despair and agony” and the country today stands at a stage where the common people are suffering from the wounds inflicted by the government whereas Congress has been continuing its efforts to listen to grievances of aggrieved people in various areas of J&K. She said politics of disorientation and false propaganda have become the hallmark of the functioning of the Modi government. She said that the seventh year of Modi government stands at a stage where the citizens of the country are forced to suffer the countless wounds and ruthless insensitivity inflicted by the government,” she charged.

She lashed out at the Central Govt for the unprecedented price hike and record unemployment besides failing to address the grievances of people of J&K on every count after promising massive development post August 5, 2019. She said that development process started by UPA Govt in J&K, received a major setback, as the NDA Govt failed to carry forward the massive developments started by UPA. She said that people are feeling harassed by ‘tax-terror’ and unprecedented price hike by the Modi Govt. At the same time, they realize that BJP Govt is looting them to recover the losses it has caused to the Country’ economy by misrule and mismanagement of things since the day one, as a result, there is a restlessness across the country. Every section of the society including farmers, youth, students, employees are up in arms due to wrong policies of BJP, she said.

Hitting hard the BJP and its state leadership for cheating the people of Jammu, she said that the BJP has lost the moral right to go to Jammu people after betrayal after betrayal. Stating that Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) has “cheated” people of Jammu, she accused the Union government of reducing status of people of the region to “fourth class citizens” even when they voted the party to power in Assembly and Parliamentary polls. She criticized the misgovernance of BJP government due to which common masses are feeling cheated. She blamed the government for failing to tackle prices and making life difficult for the common man. There is no doubt that there has been a significant increase in poverty and hunger, she said. She said there is rule of untruth and injustice in the country. Whoever raises his or her voice has to bear the brunt of the government’s anger, she added.

Mir in his address observed that governments are elected to ease the burden of people and at the very least, not work directly contrary to their interests. Every citizen is anguished and deeply distressed regarding the spiralling fuel and gas prices. India is witnessing systemic erosion of Jobs, wages and household income. He expressed dismay over the lack of any major initiative to boost the economically distressed region. He further said that public grievances are mounting every day but the BJP Government has remained unmoved. He said that public issues and grievances are pilling up with the passage of every day but the Administration has failed to solve the basic issues.

He said people of JK UT have realized the politics gimmicks of various groups and parties which were trying to make inroads in JK to create confusion among the voters. He stressed upon the people to remain vigilant against the political exploitation by BJP and ensure support to Congress Party.There is nothing about employment in BJP Govt mind. There are no efforts to create Job opportunities in the wake of large-scale unemployment and retrenchments due to wrong economic policies of the BJP government. BJP Govt has been a huge disappointment for the common people of J&K. The government must come up with a clear road map to deal with the issue of unemployment, he said.

Mir said the delimitation exercise should be conducted in accordance with the Constitution and norms & procedure prescribed under the law taking into account various parameters of population, area, terrain, topography and other such considerations in order to ensure complete justice with each and every area. He said that the process should be completed in shortest possible time to pave way for early assembly elections. He criticised the Bharatiya Janata Party for the “grim” situation in the Union territory of Jammu & Kashmir. He pointed to the spurt in the civilian killings in the Valley and raked up issues such as unemployment rate and inflation.

JKPCC Working President Raman Bhalla called upon people to teach BJP a lesson of life for issues of price rise, unemployment, agricultural distress and crony capitalism in the country. He alleged that the BJP was taking the country on the path of destruction. He said all sectors were being handed over gradually to the corporates, while the farmers and small shopkeepers who generated employment were being finished. He said it was the people’s responsibility to make the government accountable and pose questions to it. “Whenever the elections come, the BJP leaders mislead the people by talking about China or other countries and raise communal and casteist issues.

What has the Modi government done in seven years of its rule? ”he asked. He targeted the BJP government and took a jibe at LG Administration claimed that the ruling party only knew ‘lip service. He said entire tenure of the BJP government was full of failures. J&K lagged behind and there was no control on inflation.” He maintained that these issues had taken place due to the wrong policies of the BJP government and he even went on to claim that the law-and-order situation had depleted. The administration of J&K, or whatever goes in the name of administration, is incompetent, paralyzed and in shambles,” he further said. He also said that restoration of full statehood and holding democratic elections was the “way forward” in Jammu & Kashmir.

JKPCC Working President added BJP government has not done any work in the public interest in J&K. The BJP is a strange party that is making tall claims without doing anything. The double engine government of the BJP has harassed every section of society and has not done anything itself but has been appearing in advertisements claiming the works of the Congress party as its own. He gave a clarion call to people in J&K and across the country to root out the BJP government which, according to him, is weakening the rural economy and hereditary trades, and playing havoc with the farm sector only to hand over agriculture sector to the corporates, he said.

JKPCC Chief spokesman Ravinder Sharma said that BJP govt so far they has only befooled people with false promises. Being the ruling party at the Centre and having secured heavy mandate in the elections from Jammu region, he blamed BJP for its total failure to address the genuine problems and concerns of the people. He said the Government at the Centre and UT administration took several decisions against the wishes and aspirations and interests of the general people, taking advantage of the situation on account of Covid crisis, forcing the people to protest and come on roads, despite all odds.

Yogesh Sawhney said BJP playing politics of deceit and indulging in rhetoric. He said that not fulfilling the promise of providing 2 crore jobs annually is enough to prove the lies of its leadership. He said that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his colleagues had made tall promises of creating 2 crore jobs per year before the Lok Sabha polls of 2014 but even after more than seven years they are unable to create employment opportunities for lakhs of unemployed youth. He said that people have understood the game plan of the BJP which is only to hoodwink the masses and doing nothing substantial on ground. — (KIMS)