CS inaugurates J&K Bank GSS e-portal for tracking of loan applications under Government sponsored schemes

JAMMU — Continuing with the march towards cross cutting digitization in J&K, the chief secretary, Dr Arun Kumar Mehta today launched the J&K Bank GSS e-portal for real time tracking of credit applications under government sponsored schemes and described it as an important step towards transparency in the processing of loan applications in the bank.

He said this initiative will address the longstanding concerns surrounding the processing of GS loan applications in the bank and enable the applicants and the sponsoring agencies to make timely interventions if and when necessary.

Dr Mehta said the applicant has a right to know about the status of his loan applications, especially the reasons underlying rejection of his application.

The inauguration was attended by secretaries in the government, MD, J&K Bank and other senior officials of the J&K Bank.

Earlier, MD, J&K Bank made a small presentation in which he informed that with the roll out of the J&K Bank GSS e-portal, the physical processing of the applications will cease immediately.

He said that loan applications delayed beyond 15 days will generate exception reports for the higher authorities to step in for correction.

Baldev Raj said that the portal also has a provision of transmission of SMS requests to the applicants for completing the required loan related formalities.

Lauding the performance of J&K Bank, the chief secretary said it’s a matter of pride that the bank has been adjudged as the best in the country in the domains of dogital financial inclusion and cyber risk management and has been rated as the fourth best bank in the implementation of PMEGP in FY 2021-22.

He also congratulated the management upon improvement in the rating of the bank from negative to A+ stable.

Dr Mehta asked the department to enable the portal to send SMS alerts to the applicants intimating the reasons of rejection of their loan requests immediately after the rejections are made.

Dr Mehta asked the Bank to ensure that this portal is mobile enabled and all 15 centrally sponsored schemes are integrated with the portal by 15th March.

The chief secretary reiterated his earlier directions to the IT secretary that the ongoing process of end to end digitization of all government schemes/deliverables must be completed by 15th March.

He advised the Bank to ensure that access to the portal dashboard is also given to the secretaries in the Government within a week for oversight.