‘Deterrent to India’: China deploys long-range rocket launcher near border

Beijing: China deployed an advanced long-range rocket launcher to the Himalayas, in a move aimed at reinforcing country’s border defence and acting as a deterrent to India, according to a report by South China Morning Post quoting military mouthpiece and analysts.

According to the report, it is the first time that the Peoples Liberation Army has confirmed the deployment of long-range rocket systems to the border with India, after the neighbours last week failed to reach agreement in their latest round of corps commander-level talks over full disengagement along the disputed frontier.

An artillery brigade stationed 5,200 metres (17,000 feet) above sea level in Xinjiang military district has intensified its drills using a rocket system during full-wing combat-ready training, a report on the front page of PLA Daily said on Monday.

“The new weapon system should be a long-range rocket launcher that can carry multiple 300mm [12-inch] or even bigger rockets with more than 100km of firing range,” military commentator Song Zhongping, a former instructor in the PLA’s Artillery Corps, the predecessor of Rocket Force told the newspaper.

“Only a long-range MLRS is powerful enough to act as a deterrent to India, as the Indian troops are also stepping up military deployment along the borders.”

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