‘Dictatorial’ J&K govt has pulled out all stops to gather crowd for PM Modi’s rally: Omar Abdullah

SRINAGAR — National Conference leader Omar Abdullah on Wednesday accused the Jammu and Kashmir administration of “pulling out all stops” for ensuring a crowd for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rally here and said that the BJP would not be able to do so on its own.

“Tomorrow the godi media and agencies will be gushing about the “historic crowd” gathered to hear PM Modi in Srinagar. What they will conveniently forget to mention is that almost none of the people there will be attending of their own free will. The dictatorial J and K Govt has pulled out all stops to give the PM a crowd because the BJP can’t manage anything in J and K without the administration,” Abdullah said on a post on X.

The former chief minister said thousands of government employees have been asked to assemble at select locations before dawn for taking them to the venue of the rally here.

“Employees, men and women both, in their 1000s are being asked to assemble between 4:30 AM and 5:30 AM in the freezing temperatures to be bused to the venue. This participation isn’t optional, it’s compulsory. Employees who don’t show up are been threatened with disciplinary action by their Dept heads,” he said.

Abdullah also claimed that several private schools have been directed to provide their buses for transporting the employees for the rally.

“Private schools like DPS Etc have had their buses commandeered to transport all these employees to the venue. I have lists running in to the 1000s with department details, addresses and mobile numbers plus transport details. I’ve redacted a portion of one page out of 140 pages. This is the naya J and K but like I said godi media won’t report this. They prefer “three families”, “new era of development” yada yada,” he added. — (PTI)