Don’t make sale, purchase or register any vehicle to minors: RTO

SRINAGAR — Authorities in the Regional Transport office here on Friday asked all the registered dealers, officers, officials of the Motor Vehicle Department and insurance agencies not to make any sale, purchase or register any vehicle involving a minor.

A circular, issued by the Office of the Regional Transport Officer (RTO), Kashmir reads that it has observed that motor vehicle dealers have sold and registered motor vehicles in the name of minors, which amounts to a violation of Section 10 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872.

In the circular, it is underlined that under the Indian Contract Act, 1872, any sale agreement executed with a minor is deemed void abinitio, adding that a registered motor vehicle along with its registered owner is a legal person and in case of violation of provisos of motor vehicle laws and rules made thereunder, by any such vehicle invokes penal action against the owner.

“Now, therefore, in the interest of law and justice, it is enjoined upon all the registered dealers, officers/officials of the motor vehicle department, the general public, insurance agencies, and other stakeholders, not to make any sale/purchase or to register any vehicle involving a minor,” the order reads. — (KNO)