Dr. Rizwan urges admin to look into the mechanism of deciding rent for rooms allotted to students

Srinagar (KIMS): Social Activist Dr. Rizwan Rumi has urged the J&K Government to look into in the haphazard mechanism of deciding rent for rooms allotted to students or other tenants staying away from their home towns.

Rizwan expressed concern over random allocation of charges to paying guests or other hostellers, which adds the financial pressure to the already overburdening compulsions of living away from their homes in order to get the best education or coaching possible or for business or work purposes.

Owing to the majority of tution centres clustering in and around few areas like Parraypora and Sanatnagar, the hustle bustle of rented rooms and hostels is a common thing, but there’s no heavy hand to check the parameters on the basis of which rent can be decided for rooms, varying in sizes like small, medium, single seaters, double seaters etc.

Dr. Rizwan while talking to Kashmir Independent Media Service (KIMS) said, “A proper timely interference from the authorities is the need of the hour to streamline the rent allotment feasibly and reasonably. Alternatively, the government can take a step towards building of hostels on similar lines as Youth hostels, for students or others, in which proper check is maintained on the working and providing provisions and necessary supplies”. (KIMS)

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