Enemy’s ability to harm limited but it works on sense of fear: J&K DGP R R Swain

SRINAGAR — The ability of the enemy to inflict harm in Jammu and Kashmir is limited, but it works on the sense of fear to create insecurity among people, the Union Territory’s police chief R R Swain said here on Friday.

“I have said from the beginning that the ability of the adversary to cause harm has always been limited. It was not what it was showing. But, they work on the basis of fear. They publish the names of four people who then lose their sleep because of fear,” Swain, the J-K Director General of Police (DGP) said.

He was speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the concluding ceremony of 23rd All India Police Water Sports Championship here.

Swain said the adversary works on fear and asked the people to be cautious.

“This system works on fear like the fear of dogs. A dog who barks does not necessarily bite, but people get afraid because of that barking. It is not easy to tackle, the people need to understand it and be cautious about it,” he said.

The J-K Police chief said the police and security agencies also need to stay on the course to maintain peace.

“We will take steps to move forward, rectify our mistakes and increase our commitment level. Then the people will themselves see that we are sincere and capable and that our intensions are right,” he added.

Swain said the adversary tends to exemplify even small incidents to create fear.

“We will not overlook those incidents, but we will see it in the context of the overall graph. We will focus on our strategy and keep an eye on whether it is working or not. If someone tries to derail us, we know that we are not going to deviate from our path. We will take it to the destination,” he asserted.

He said such a situation would be created where those anti-national elements who are still there would fall silent themselves.

“Talk to me in 2025, you will know the difference,” Swain added. — (PTI)