Fuel prices: Petrol, diesel rates kept unchanged, 19-kg LPG cylinder price hiked by Rs 250

NEW DELHI — Fuel rates stayed unchanged on April 1 after prices of petrol and diesel were increased by Rs 6.40 per litre each through nine consecutive hikes over the last 10 days.

Commercial LPG cylinder becomes more expensive from April 1.

The price of commercial liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or cooking gas was increased by Rs 250 per 19-kilogram cylinder.

After the revision, the price of 19-kg commerical cooking gas cylinder in Delhi is at Rs 2,253 per unit. In Kolkata, a cylinder will cost Rs 2,351. In Mumbai, it costs Rs 2,205 instead of Rs 1955 previously. In Chennai, it now costs 2,406 as against Rs 2,138. In Kolkata, it now costs Rs 2351 against of Rs 2,087 previously.

In the past two months, the price of a 19-kg LPG cylinder price has been hiked by Rs 346 per cylinder. Earlier on March 1, the rate of a 19 kg commercial cylinder was increased by Rs 105 and then on March 22, its price was reduced by Rs 9.

Domestic LPG cylinders have, however, been kept out of the latest round of hike.