Govt should raise issue of atrocities on PoK at UN: Ravinder Raina

JAMMU — BJP’s Jammu and Kashmir unit chief Ravinder Raina on Tuesday urged the central government to raise at the United Nations the issue of “atrocities by the Pakistan army” on the people of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

He also urged the government to send rations to the suffering people of PoK.

“It is very unfortunate that the people of Pakistan-occupied Jammu and Kashmir are subjected to exploitation and cruelty these days,” Raina told reporters in Rajouri.

“We urge Foreign Minister Jaishanker ji to take up the matter with the United Nations to register the issue. The atrocities perpetrated by the Pakistan army cannot be tolerated. We stand with the people of PoJK, as they are our brothers and sisters. They are our citizens,” Raina said.

Raina alleged that the Pakistan army has subjected “the people of various areas of PoK to atrocities and torture.”

He expressed concern over reports “that the entire area of PoJK has been closed for the past five days and people belonging to the Pahari community have lost their lives in the firing by the Pakistan army”.

“Our people in PoJK demanded ration but got bullets. This cannot be tolerated by us. We love our people there”, he said.

Raina emphasised that the oppression by the Pakistani authorities will not last for long.

At least three people were killed and six others injured when security forces opened fire on protesters who attacked paramilitary Rangers in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, which has been rocked by protests against high prices of wheat flour and inflated electricity bills, Pakistani media reports said on Tuesday. — (PTI)