Gyanvapi management protest against puja performed in Mosque’s basement

VARANASI — The Anjuman Intezamia Masjid Committee (AIMC), which manages Gyanvapi mosque, has appealed to people of the Muslim community to keep their shops closed on Friday in protest against puja performed in the southern cellar of the Gyanvapi mosque, a day after the district court allowed such prayers.

The decision was taken at meeting of prominent members of Muslim community with clerics on Thursday.

Shahar-e-Mufti and AIMC General Secretary Maulana Abdul Batin Nomani, who chaired the meeting, issued the appeal that read: “As you all are aware of the matter that on the basis of the order of the court of the district judge, Varanasi, the district administration has hastily made arrangements for worship in the southern basement of Gyanvapi Masjid, Banaras, and the worship has also started there. In view of this situation, a meeting of office bearers of AIMC with the Ulema (clerics) and prominent people of the community in the city was held. In the meeting, a decision was taken that on Friday, all shops and businesses will be kept closed in a peaceful manner, and people of the community should remain busy in prayers while staying in their respective cities and areas.”

“In connection with the closing (of shops and businesses), everyone is instructed to maintain complete peace and tranquillity and avoid going anywhere without any reason,” read the appeal.

All the people of the community were also instructed to offer Jumma Namaz (Friday prayers).

Leaders of the weavers’ community and those responsible for other areas (Dal Mandi, Nai Sadak, Nadesa, Ardali Bazaar, etc.) should convey this appeal to the people in a peaceful and convenient manner, the appeal said.

Women should stay in their homes and offer prayers; marriage and other rituals should be organised with simplicity, read the appeal issued by Shahar-e-Mufti Abdul Batin Nomani. — (IANS)