Harmony beyond valley’s, the legacy of Noor Mohammad

SRINAGAR [Mutahira Yaseen] (KIMS) — In the enchanting realm of Kashmiri culture, Noor Mohammad Shah, a Sufi maestro from the picturesque village of Baki-Aker in Handwara town, gained local acclaim with his heartfelt composition “Wafadar Mouji.”

This soul-stirring creation endeared him to the hearts of Kashmiris, setting the stage for a musical journey that would later transcend regional boundaries.

The timeless piece, “Kya Kari Korimol,” featured in Coke Studio India, beautifully marries the traditional with the contemporary, inviting listeners to a sonic journey. Alif, Noor Muhammad, and Aashima’s collaboration breathes new life into the soul-stirring “wanwun” section, echoing through Kashmir for decades.

This fusion not only garnered a remarkable 20 million views in just 8 months but also stirred the hearts of Kashmiris and beyond.

Enter “Naazneen,” a mesmerizing composition by Noor Muhammad and Raj Pandit, produced with finesse by Salem Suleiman and Ghulam Nabi Doolwal. Drawing inspiration from the profound Lal Vakh, the song intricately weaves the tapestry of life, celebrating unions and mourning losses.

Its Hindi/Urdu lyrics add a contemporary touch, while the music composition layers emotions, resulting in 12 million views within the last year.

Noor Muhammad’s journey, from humble beginnings to a representative of Kashmiri Sufi music, is a testament to the indomitable spirit of cultural preservation. The heartfelt recognition he now receives is not just an accolade but a poetic affirmation of his dedication to the art.

His melodies have become a vessel carrying the rich history of Kashmiri literature and Sufi traditions, invoking sentiments that transcend time.

As the music industry embraces these cultural gems, a ripple of change echoes through the valleys, offering employment opportunities for local artists and showcasing the grandeur of traditional Kashmiri instruments. Noor Muhammad, once a troubadour traveling door to door, has earned his rightful place, not only in the hearts of Kashmiris but in the broader spectrum of music enthusiasts, leaving an indelible mark on the cultural landscape.

This dynamic interplay of platforms and artistic brilliance ensures that the rich heritage lives on in the hearts of music enthusiasts nationwide. — (KIMS)