Hijab row is example of Islamophobia, says UP cleric

LUCKNOW — Well-known Shia cleric, Maulana Kalbe Jawad, has said that the controversy over ‘hijab’ was an “example of Islamophobia” and that Muslims should establish as many educational institutions as possible to ensure that they do not have to rely on others for education.

Jawad, who is the general secretary of Majlis-e-Ulama-e-Hind, said ‘hijab’ was not an obstacle in education or profession.

“It is an integral part of Islam. We respect the court but it appears that there were no real attempts to understand the issue,” he said.

“We need to establish as many educational institutions as possible. They may not necessarily be big institutions. The process should begin with small schools which will make sure that we are self-reliant in the education sector,” he explained.

The Maulana further said, “Hijab is not an obstacle in any aspect of life. Different religions are allowed to socially and publicly use their religious symbols. Why are Muslims being stopped from doing so?”

The cleric demanded that Muslim girl students be allowed to enter schools and get education while wearing ‘hijab’.

“Instead of raising such non-issues, development of the country and communal harmony should be promoted,” he stated. — (IANS)