Icicles removed from Ram Bagh-Jahangir Chowk Flyover

Srinagar: Srinagar Municipal Corporation workers Friday removed icicles from Ram Bagh-Jahangir Chowk Flyover a day after a man sustained injuries when an icicle fell from a top and hit him.

Icicles-are pointed pieces of ice that are formed by water freezing as it falls or runs down from something were seen all over Ram Bagh-Jahangir Chowk Flyover.

“These could cause damage to vehicles and even cause injuries to pedestrians when these come down crashing with the rise in the temperatures.”

Sources in Srinagar Municipal Corporation told KNT that on the directions of Commissioner SMC, a team was constituted that was equipped with long wooden rods. The team removed all the huge icicles from the Fly-over.

An official said that these icicles have been formed at other places as well and will be removed in coming days.

Kashmir is in the grip of cold while Srinagar city last night witnessed a temperature of minus 8.4 Degree Celsius. (KNT)

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