India Today launches AI-based anchor ‘Sana’ for news reading

NEW DELHI — A female AI news anchor named “Sana” was introduced to the public by a Delhi-based news channel India Today in line with Chinese artificial intelligence-powered news anchors.

The shift in the mainstream media happened as AI-driven bots proved to be more effective and enabled the development of satisfactory outcomes with less labour.

India Today Group’s Vice Chairperson Kalli Purie launched the bot AI collaborative anchor Sana during India Today Conclave 2023.

Describing Sana, Purie said, “She is bright, gorgeous, ageless, tireless, speaks in multiple languages, and totally under my control.”

Sana will bring daily news updates several times a day in multiple languages. In a new show, she will explain one topic of relevance every day. Sana will also do a show in which the audience can ask questions and she will answer.

Talking about constant innovation, Purie said, “Sana does not take away from the brilliance of real-life anchors, who will be mentoring her. Sana will have a human surrogate editor and hopefully company soon.”

Purie said that it is not a competition between humans and AI and that this collaboration is leading to creative magic. “The future is fascinating and frightening and it is here,” she said.

Talking about how media is constantly attacked and referred to as ‘godi media’, Purie said that there is a lot of pressure on media from political parties, business houses, foreign governments, and larger-than-life professionals.