Kashmir Foundation in collaboration with Kashmir Law Circle conduct door-to-door legal awarenes program in Anantnag

ANANTNAG (Ess Nadeem) — The Kashmir Foundation in collaboration with Kashmir Law Circle conducted door-to-door legal awarenes program in Anantnag to empower the undeserved and building a strong society.

In a remarkable collaborative effort, today, the Kashmir Foundation joined hands with the Kashmir Law Circle to conduct a door-to-door legal awareness program in Khanbal, Anantnag.

This initiative is a shining example of how education and awareness can empower communities, leaving a lasting impact on society.

Farhat Riyaz, Vice President of the Kashmir Foundation, emphasized the significance of this initiative. He said, “This is a great initiative for those people who don’t have knowledge about their legal rights. It’s a step towards breaking down barriers and ensuring that even those from humble backgrounds can access the legal support they deserve. We believe it will put a great and positive impact on society, empowering individuals to stand up for their rights.”

Atif Manzoor from Kashmir Law Circle said, “We firmly believe that knowledge is power, and this effort will undoubtedly add something substantial to our society. By equipping individuals with legal awareness, we are fostering a sense of responsibility and participation in the legal system. This is a collective endeavor to make our community stronger, fairer, and more informed.”

The door-to-door legal awareness program reflects the dedication of these organizations to contribute positively to society.

It is a beacon of hope for individuals who may have previously been unaware of their legal rights, and it underlines the importance of collaborative efforts in building a better, more empowered society.

Farhat further said that we aimed to aware people in every corner through initiatives. — (KIMS)