Kashmir residents urge Govt to spray water on roads to tackle heatwave

SRINAGAR (KIMS) — Residents of Kashmir, especially those in Srinagar, are calling on the government to spray water on the city’s roads as an immediate measure to mitigate the ongoing heatwave. This action is seen as essential to provide relief from the intense heat that is affecting daily life.

The rising temperatures and lack of rain have exacerbated the urban heat island effect, where asphalt roads absorb and radiate heat, making urban areas significantly hotter. Spraying water on these surfaces can cool them down and reduce the overall ambient temperature, offering much-needed relief to residents and commuters.

“Spraying water on the roads is a practical and immediate solution to combat the heat. The government should prioritize this to ensure the well-being of its citizens,” said a concerned resident from Srinagar. The heatwave has pushed temperatures to unprecedented levels, posing risks particularly for vulnerable groups such as the elderly, children, and individuals with pre-existing health conditions.

While long-term solutions like increasing green cover, implementing reflective roofing, and improving water management are crucial, experts agree that immediate measures like road spraying can provide temporary relief. “It’s important for the government to act swiftly. Water spraying, although a short-term fix, can significantly reduce heat stress in urban areas,” noted an expert from the local meteorological department.

To address potential concerns about water scarcity, it has been suggested that non-potable water, sourced from treated wastewater or other non-drinkable supplies, be used for spraying. This would ensure that the city’s drinking water supply remains unaffected while still providing the cooling benefits needed during the heatwave.

Strategically deploying water tankers to the most affected areas during the hottest parts of the day could maximize the effectiveness of this measure. Such a targeted approach would ensure that relief efforts are concentrated where they are most needed. Residents also emphasize the importance of clear communication from the government about the initiative to ensure public cooperation and understanding.

In summary, Srinagar residents are urging the government to implement water spraying on roads as an immediate response to the heatwave and lack of rainfall. This initiative would not only provide immediate relief but also demonstrate proactive governance in addressing climate challenges and prioritizing the health and safety of citizens. — (KIMS)