Lunatic Rizvi should be hanged: Er. Sahil Bashir Bhat

Srinagar, Mar 13: Amid increasing anger against Wasemm Rizvi for filing a petition in the Supreme Court of India, seeking annulment of 26 verses from Holy Quran, president Youth Democratic Party, Sahil Bashir Bhat Saturday demanded capital punishment for him for hurting religious sentiments of Muslims.

“Wasim Rizvi is a lunatic who should not be related to any particular community. Rizvi should be beheaded,” Bhat said while addressing a press conference here in Srinagar.

He demanded that Rizvi be arrested for insinuating unwanted inter-community sentiments between the two communities.

“Rizvi should be arrested immediately for rabble rousing. He is an agent and anti-peace element. If the government does not arrest him, it will lead to chaos. This lunatic should face the heat,” Bhat said and appealed people to maintain peace.

“Allah has taken responsibility of his Holy book and said that not even a letter or punctuation in it will change till Qayamat. Who is Rizvi then to make such tall claims? His petition should not be entertained, strict legal action be taken against him and the government arrest him for breaching peace,” he said.

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