Meet Shabir Ahmad, a youth with multiple educational degrees shows intrest in bee keeping

Sheikh Nadeem

SRINAGAR (KIMS) — A youth from South Kashmir with multiple educational degrees has shown keen interest in bee keeping as he has some bee colonies (boxes) at his home.

The Jammu and Kashmir Government set-up more than One Lakh bee colonies in Jammu and Kashmir under the `Promotion of Beekeeping’ project to increase the annual honey production.

The youth namely Shabir Ahmad from Sonigam village in Kulgam district has bee colonies (boxes) at his home of which he was earning his livelihood.

He said, I have some traditional bee colonies (boxes) at my home of which I was earning some my livelihood, now the people are spraying some toxic chemicals/pesticides in their Apple orchards due to which my bee colonies damaged (died).

Shabir has multiple educational degrees including BA, B.Ped, M.Ped, M.Phill and SET in his name. He was also working as a contractual at a college but due to some personal issues he left the job after four years.

He has requested the agriculture/apiculture department in Kulgam district to provide him some bee colonies on some recent schemes approved by the department of agriculture/apiculture.

He appealed to the department of agriculture/apiculture Kulgam to provide him some bee colonies and he will be very thankful if bee colonies are provided to him. — (KIMS)