Menstrual Hygiene Management event held at Srinagar

SRINAGAR (KIMS) — We the Kashmir Foundation, in partnership with Sky Trust, proudly announces the success of a groundbreaking event dedicated to Menstrual Hygiene Management held at the Gujar Bakir Wal Hostel in Khanyar, Srinagar.

The initiative aimed to address crucial aspects of menstrual health while advocating for the well-being of women and girls in the region.

The event witnessed the distribution of a significant number of menstrual hygiene kits, underscoring our commitment to eradicating barriers surrounding menstrual health.

We the Kashmir Foundation remains steadfast in its dedication to fostering positive change, with this event serving as a testament to the organization’s tireless efforts.

Through strategic collaborations, we continue to amplify our impact, reaching communities that need support the most.

This event exemplifies our ongoing mission to break stigmas, raise awareness, and provide tangible solutions for menstrual hygiene challenges faced by women in Kashmir.

As an organization, We the Kashmir Foundation remains resolute in its pursuit of a healthier, more equitable future for all.

The successful execution of this event marks another significant step forward in our collective journey toward promoting menstrual health and well-being. — (KIMS)