Modi trying to create fear among Hindus to remain in power: Farooq Abdullah

SRINAGAR — National Conference (NC) president Farooq Abdullah accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday of trying to create a fear psychosis among Hindus to stay in power and said he no longer talks about the issues of the common people that propelled him to the top post in 2014.

The former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister asked people to stay away from “this divide-and-rule politics”.

Addressing a rally in the Khanyar area of the city here in support of the NC’s Lok Sabha poll candidate Aga Syed Ruhullah Mehdi, Abdullah said, “Modi is trying to create fear among Hindus and to create that fear, he is telling them that your mangalsutras will be taken away and sold to give money to Muslims. Are we such bad people that we will snatch mangalsutras from our mothers and sisters?”

The member of Parliament from Srinagar said the prime minister is telling Hindus that if the INDIA opposition bloc comes to power after the ongoing polls, their savings will be taxed and if they have two houses, one would be taken away and given to Muslims.

“He is creating hatred among Hindus towards Muslims and then he says Muslims produce more children. God gives children. Many (people) do not have (children). What does he know about children when he does not have any? He did not even value his wife, how could he have valued his children?” Abdullah asked the gathering.

He accused the prime minister of trying to “create hatred” in the country and said “we are against it”.

“We pray to god to bring him (Modi) down. He is lying,” Abdullah said.

The veteran leader, who is not contesting the Lok Sabha polls due to his health conditions, said Modi no longer talks about the issues of the common people that propelled him to the prime minister’s post in 2014.

“When he came to power in 2014, he used to raise the issue of the price of LPG cylinders. The price of a domestic gas cylinder was Rs 400 at that time. He used to raise the issue of price rise, unemployment.

“Ten years have gone by and what is the price of a gas cylinder now? It is Rs 1,100. Diesel prices have risen, cooking oil prices have gone up, the prices of vegetables, mutton etc. have increased. He (Modi) installed smart metres that run even when there is no electricity,” Abdullah said.

He asked people to remain cautious and stay away from “this divide-and-rule” politics.

Referring to the situation in Jammu and Kashmir, the former chief minister said all top officials in the Union Territory are outsiders.

“Be it SSPs (senior superintendents of police), DCs (deputy commissioners) or any other bureaucrats — all of them are from outside. We have to fight this. We have to show them (the BJP-led Centre) that we do not accept the decisions of August 5, 2019,” he said.

On August 5, 2019, the Centre abrogated the provisions of Article 370 of the Constitution that had conferred special rights on Jammu and Kashmir and bifurcated the erstwhile state into Union territories.

Abdullah also asked the voters to check the electronic voting machines (EVMs) while exercising their franchise.

“When you vote, make sure you check the EVMs. See if the light turns on, so that your votes are not wasted. Check the VVPATs as well. Government agents will try to bribe you, but you have to remain cautious and honest,” he said. — (PTI)