Mulakaat – Saamkunn te Bedaar Gasun Seminar: Fostering Awareness on Government Initiatives

BARAMULLA — Save Youth Save Future Foundation, a distinguished organization with a six-year legacy in the Kashmir Valley, hosted the Mulakaat – Saamkunn te Bedaar Gasun Seminar at Eid Gah Ground, Gutiyaar Baramulla.

This significant event aimed to promote community engagement and disseminate crucial information about government-based schemes and policies, with a particular focus on empowering youth and women.

The seminar, attended by hundreds of locals, featured esteemed officials from various Government departments, including Chairman Mr. Wajahat Farooq Bhat, District Employment Officer Mr. Nizam Wani, and District Programme Manager Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad, among others.

Representatives from Social Welfare, Handicraft, Agriculture, Horticulture, and Food Departments actively participated, elucidating the audience on the diverse initiatives of both the Government of India and the Government of UT Jammu and Kashmir.

The event was hosted by Renowned Activist Zia Ul Islam from Fatehgarh Sheeri Baramulla.

The event incorporated a question and answer session where the community engaged with officials, seeking clarification on various schemes and initiatives.

The President of Baramulla Working Journalists Association, Mr. Gulzar Ahmed Zargar, emphasized the pivotal role of departments in disseminating information at the ground level for the benefit of the masses.

In addition to informative sessions, a cultural program featuring a local musical band added vibrancy to the event.

Mr. Altaf Baharampora, leading the musical band from Rafiabad, showcased his talent, contributing to the overall success of the occasion.

Chairman Mr. Wajahat Farooq Bhat expressed gratitude to the government representatives and urged for continuous campaigns to raise awareness about government-backed initiatives.

He emphasized the vital role of media in amplifying these initiatives, encouraging both traditional and online platforms to spread awareness for the benefit of the common masses.

The Save Youth Save Future Foundation remains committed to its mission of positively impacting lives through awareness, empowerment, and community engagement.