NCP Ajit Pawar faction organizes first workers’ program in Pulwama

PULWAMA [Mudasir Maqbool] (KIMS) — For the first time in Pulwama, the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), Ajit Pawar faction, led by National Youth President Deeraj Sharma, organized a workers’ program at the district town hall.

The event saw the presence of key figures, including National Youth President Deeraj Sharma, National Student President Sunny Mankar, District President Pulwama Aadil Malik, State President Gulzar Nengroo, and other senior party leaders.

The gathering attracted numerous party workers and local residents from various parts of the district, all converging to participate in the event.

The primary objective of the program was to raise awareness among the general public about the NCP’s agenda and to strengthen the party at the grassroots level.

During his address, National Youth President Deeraj Sharma emphasized the party’s commitment to creating employment opportunities for educated youth in the valley and contributing to the overall development of Jammu and Kashmir.

He highlighted successful schemes launched in Maharashtra that benefit women, unemployed youth, and farmers, expressing confidence in implementing similar initiatives in J&K if the party gains power.

Sharma also assured legal assistance for individuals detained in jails without serious charges.

National Student President Sunny Mankar spoke about the party’s support for students across different states.

He announced the upcoming launch of a website through which students in need can reach out for assistance, with the student association providing necessary help. — (KIMS)