NIT Srinagar’s IIED centre presented four innovation projects to MSME

SRINAGAR — National Institute of Technology (NIT) Srinagar’s Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship Development (IIED) Centre Friday presented its four innovations presentations to the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME).

The four research projects were already are funded under the Design Expertise scheme of the Ministry of MSMEs. They were led by faculty members from Mechanical Engineering Department including Prof. Babar Ahmad, Dr Saad Parvez, Dr Dinesh Kumar Rajendran and Dr Sandeep Rathee.

The project presentations were presented by Er. Shahrukh Mushtaq, Incubation Manager IIEDC along with one of the innovators at MSME meet at New Delhi on Thursday (March 09, 2022).

Director NIT Srinagar, Prof. Rakesh Sehgal extended his greeting to all the faculty members of Mechanical Engineering Department for presenting their innovations to the MSMEs. It is a proud movement for entire Institute as all four research projects were already funded under the Design Expertise scheme by the government, he said.

Prof. Sehgal said new innovations are important and vital for any engineering institution. Without anything new, there will be no progress and cannot stay relevant in the competitive market, he said.

“Any new innovation is the core reason for modern existence and in most cases, it creates positive change,” Prof. Sehgal said.

Registrar NIT Srinagar, Prof. Syed Kaiser Bukhari extended his greetings to the entire team of IIED Centre and Mechanical Engineering Department (MED) for presenting their four innovations at MSME. He said all these projects are funded under the Design Expertise scheme of the ministry.

Prof Bukhari said NIT Srinagar will continue to support and promote the creativity of individual innovators and to assist them to become technology-based entrepreneurs.

Head Innovation, Incubation & Entrepreneurship Development (IIED), Centre Professor Saad Parvez said they are presently carrying out various activities including skill development, entrepreneurship support, incubation of ideas, and development of grass-root technologies.

“IIEDC in its journey towards innovation. The institute would implement the second phase of the join scheme (Innovation, Design & MSME). It would benefit Innovators and of Kashmir valley and of course the students and faculty members of NIT Srinagar working on the journey of the mind to market,” he said.

The four innovations which were presented before the ministry include, ‘Know your Kashmir’ which is an educational application developed by one of the students Mr Mueed. It will help people across the globe to understand the culture and heritage of Kashmir and will act as a platform also.

The second project ‘Levitating Hover board’, is coordinated by Dr Dinesh Kumar Rajendran as Project Coordinator. It is executed by five Mechanical Engineering students Mr Meezan, Mr Arun, Mr Vishnu, Mr Mohit, and Mr Abinand.

The project works with the alternate magnetic mechanism work with the concept of floating train or bullet train will help the commute of Border Security Force for effective surveillance. By installing this in border make a better incident of safe and about the fun part it can be used in theme parks to give the feel of floating to the people.

The third project ‘Robotic Glove’ 3D Printed Haptic-Feedback and Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) enabled toy device for Neuro-rehabilitation of children’.

The project is currently being executed by Dr Sandeep Rathee, Assistant Professor, MED, who is the project coordinator along with a team of engineering students. It is aimed at helping the children with hand impairment in modern society and giving them a chance to experience a more normal and dignified life.

 The fourth and last project includes, ‘ AI-based Toy’ is all about talking toy by a local MSME mentored by Prof. Babar Ahmed. It mainly focused on replacing the Chinese toys in the Indian market and promotes the ‘Make in India’ concept.