One day state level Policy Café on Health, Nutrition, WASH organized at Shimla

SHIMLA — The “One Day State Level Policy Café on Health, Nutrition, WASH in Disasters and Emergencies,” organized by CCDRR, NIDM, in collaboration with HPSDMA and Bal Raksha Bharat, concluded successfully on December 15, 2023.

Hosted at SAMETI, Shimla, the event served as a platform for over 65 officials from diverse departments to engage in discussions that touched upon crucial aspects of disaster management.

Speakers during the event underscored the paramount importance of coordination, safety measures, and capacity strengthening in the context of health, nutrition, and WASH during disasters.

These discussions were further enriched by the insights shared in a panel session, which delved into topics ranging from curriculum inclusion and research to community sensitization.

Noteworthy emphasis was placed by Shri. D.C. Rana on practical initiatives, including the development of training modules, retrofitting infrastructure for disaster resilience, and the pivotal role of departmental champions.

His insights highlighted a strategic approach to addressing challenges in disaster response and management.

The concluding valedictory session served as a moment of recognition and appreciation for the active participation of all attendees.

Sh. Ranjan Kumar took the stage to deliver a heartfelt vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to the participants for their valuable contributions and dedication throughout the One Day State Level Policy Café.

The success of this collaborative endeavor stands as a testament to the commitment of all involved parties towards enhancing disaster resilience and preparedness in the region.