Peer Tehleel Manzoor: A journey from student leader to cyber security expert

SRINAGAR — Peer Tehleel Manzoor, a 23-year-old young and inspirational boy, hailing from Jammu and Kashmir’s Summer Capital, Srinagar city is a well-known personality at national level.

Tehleel along with his friends founded the Global Students Union in Punjab when he went there to pursue his Bachelor’s degree. Besides, he did tremendous work during Covid-19 pandemic by providing help to hundreds of students who were stranded in various areas of Punjab.

Tehleel has become youth representation among people and has won hearts of people after he firmly stands to fight against Covid-19.

He has received Record of Achievement From World Health Organization (WHO) for his contribution to the Environmental Precautions in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

Tehleel has till date written four books on cyber security and all are published across globe, besides they are also available on online platforms such as Flipkart, Amazon, Barnes and others.

Tehleel is also a TeDx speaker and he write articles related to cyber security and new technologies which gets published over various media platforms. — (KIMS)