Plan your excursions on weekdays for your own convenience: Gulmarg authorities to schools

SRINAGAR (KIMS) — In view of the increased footfall of locals and tourists in Gulmarg, a popular tourist destination in Kashmir, authorities have advised private and government schools in the Kashmir Division to plan their excursions on weekdays instead of weekends (Saturday or Sunday) for their own convenience and that of local authorities.

According to a circular, “Schools are now required to seek prior permission from the Gulmarg Development Authority (GDA) at least one week before their planned excursion. Applications should be sent via email to gulmarggda@gmail.com or by contacting 9622500725. The application must include details such as the total number of buses, the number of students, bus members, and the mobile numbers of the in-charge teachers or staff. Entry to Gulmarg will be denied to school buses without prior permission from the GDA.”

“Additionally, schools are advised to limit the number of buses to fewer than four per visit to avoid traffic jams and congestion due to limited parking space in Gulmarg,” reads the circular.

Moreover, children and accompanying staff are to be sensitized that Gulmarg is an eco-fragile zone and that littering or the use of plastic and polythene is a punishable offense. — (KIMS)