PM Modi scared of 2002 riots truth coming out: Congress

NEW DELHI — The Congress on Friday alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is still scared of the truth of the 2002 riots coming out and the “blocking” of the BBC documentary “blaming him for the pogrom is a cowardly and undemocratic act”.

The opposition party also said that no matter how much the Modi government tries to “cover-up” the truth, the world sees the truth.

“Narendra Modi is still scared of the truth about 2002 coming out 21 years later. The blocking of the BBC documentary that squarely blames him for the pogrom is a cowardly, undemocratic act, one that clearly shows Modi’s dictatorial attitude,” AICC general secretary organisation K C Venugopal said.

After British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak defended PM Modi, Congress secretary Ashish Dua asked, “Has Rishi Sunak watched the ‘rigorously researched’ BBC documentary on Gujarat, or has the Hon. PM spoken with (former British foreign secretary) Jack Straw for the perspective put by him in the public domain?”

Another Congress spokesperson Shama Mohamed said, “The BBC documentary reveals that the UK govt inquiry held Narendra Modi ‘Directly Responsible’ for the 2002 Gujarat Riots.”

“No matter how much the BJP government may try to cover up the truth, the world sees Modi for what he truly is!” she tweeted.

TMC leader Derek O’Brien shared a link to the BBC documentary on YouTube and said, “So, the BBC documentary (Part 1) which I posted has, as expected, been taken down from YouTube. Let’s see how many more times BJP gets it deleted.”

“The one-hour prog exposes Narendra Modi’s hate for minorities,” he said.

Amid controversy over the BBC documentary on Prime Minister Modi, India had on Thursday dismissed it as a “propaganda piece”, saying it is designed to push a particular “discredited narrative” and that the continuing colonial mindset is “blatantly visible” in the series.

External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Arindam Bagchi also wondered about the purpose of the documentary and the “agenda” behind it and said, “frankly we do not wish to dignify such efforts”.

The two-part BBC documentary “India: The Modi Question” claims it investigated certain aspects relating to the 2002 Gujarat riots when Modi was the chief minister of the state. — (PTI)