Rizwan writes to PM Modi, appeals to empower J&K Youth

Your Excellency, Prime Minister Narendra Modi,

With great anticipation and hope, we eagerly await your forthcoming visit to Jammu and Kashmir. Your esteemed presence embodies a beacon of promise for our region, offering a glimmer of hope amidst persistent challenges.

While strides have been made towards progress, it is undeniable that our beloved land still grapples with multifaceted issues demanding immediate attention. Chief among these concerns is the plight of our youth, whose aspirations have been stifled by the lingering shadows of turmoil and unemployment.

Your Excellency, our educated youth, the pride of our nation, languishes in the throes of unemployment. Their talents, skills, and ambitions yearn for avenues of opportunity. Thus, we implore you to consider the urgency of introducing comprehensive employment packages tailored to their needs.

One avenue of relief lies in the abundance of vacancies within various government departments. These positions, currently unadvertised, represent untapped potential for our educated youth to secure meaningful employment and contribute to the nation’s progress. By disseminating information about these vacancies, we can pave the way for a brighter future for our youth and our nation.

Furthermore, we appeal for the establishment of new battalions within the Jammu and Kashmir Police force. By expanding the avenues for youth employment within the realm of law enforcement, we not only address the issue of unemployment but also bolster the security apparatus of our region, fostering a sense of pride and purpose among our youth.

Your Excellency, as you embark on your visit to Jammu and Kashmir, we beseech you to heed the aspirations and dreams of our youth. Your visionary leadership has the power to transform challenges into opportunities, despair into hope, and stagnation into progress.

May your visit herald a new dawn of empowerment and prosperity for the resilient people of Jammu and Kashmir. With unwavering faith in your commitment to our welfare, we remain steadfast in our resolve to build a brighter tomorrow, hand in hand with you.

With utmost respect and anticipation,

Dr. Rizwan Rumi
Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir.