Shah’s Strategy: Revisiting AFSPA and troop reduction in J&K

NEW DELHI — In an interview with the JK Media Group, Union Home Minister Amit Shah announced plans to reconsider the revocation of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act in Jammu and Kashmir, indicating a shift towards entrusting law and order responsibilities solely to the Jammu and Kashmir Police, as reported by PTI.

Shah highlighted the evolving trust in the local police force, signaling a potential withdrawal of troops and a focus on empowering indigenous law enforcement.

The controversial AFSPA grants extensive powers to armed forces in maintaining public order in designated disturbed areas.

Shah emphasized the government’s commitment to democratizing Jammu and Kashmir, promising assembly elections before September to broaden political representation beyond traditional elite families.

Additionally, he underscored the Modi government’s efforts in providing reservations for OBCs, SCs, and STs in the region, including special provisions for marginalized communities like the displaced from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, aiming to ensure equitable distribution of benefits at the grassroots level.