South Kashmir’s Bijbehara town without electricity, water and connectivity from last 48 hours

Anantnag: The hometown of former Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti is without electricity from past over 48 hours.

Locals from Bijbehara and Srigufwara area of South Kashmir told news agency KNT that R&B Mechanical wing is in deep slumber and not a single official or employee from the wing is present on the ground. All link roads are closed due to snowfall while no roads and lanes have been cleared from the snow.

“R&B Mechanical Wing Bijhbehara has been especially deployed for Bijbehara town and adjoining areas to ease out problems of the people during harsh winter season. Their job is to clear snow from roads and lanes and keep the connective of the areas intact. This wing is still in deep slumber, inactive on the ground,” said locals.

The locals said that only two snow cutter machines have been put in place to clear the snow from roads which do not serve any purpose. The area is vast and has numerous roads so just two snow machines are not sufficient to clear all the roads.”

People are facing lot of difficulties for want of essential commodities and are not able to reach to medical facilities with old and sick.

Though District Administration Anantnag has set up control rooms at district and sub divisional level and has given help line number for any emergency but people of the town are claiming that when they like to call R&B mechanical wing for help, all the numbers of officials remained switched off.

People demand snow should be cleared from link roads on war footing basis. They said snow has still not been cleared from roads connecting Marhama-Srigufwara via Khiram-Sirhama, Kanalwan Mattan via Akura Nanil, Veeri to Kanalwan via Krindigam, Veeri to Zarapora via Gadiseer, Bijbehara to Arwani, Zerapora to Serhama via Waghama Shalagam, Keri Kadal to Serhama via Wopzan, Panjpora to Wopzan via Marhama Waghama, Sangam to Dadoo via Marhama, Srigufwara to Mattan via Magam, Srigufwara to Karikadal via Mehand, Kanalwan to Satkipora via Banderpora, Wopzan to shalgam via Sheetipora, Waghama to Serhama via TM Shah Shalagam, Panjpora to Sather, Uranhall to Veeri via Guguree.

The locals said they are without connectivity, water and electricity from past 48 hours while officials passing directions from cozy rooms are only adding salt to their wounds. (KNT)

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