Stagnant pool of water, uncleared roads bring miseries to city people: Laigaroo

SRINAGAR — PDP ex-state secretary youth and constuiency incharge Habba Kadal Arif Laigaroo alleged that following heavy snowfall on Monday, the area ended up as a stagnant pool of water as authorities have not cleared snow from the roads.

Snow has not been cleared from the most of the roads in Habba Kadal and other areas of the city, he said. He also expressed deep concern over the non clearance of snow from roads and water-logging in city parts and said, uncleared roads and massive water-logging has exposed the administration and its failure.

He also called upon the administration to ensure round the clock water and electricity supply to the hospitals and other health care centres in city.

Laigaroo said that there is no denying the fact that the successive governments have failed to construct a proper drainage system in Srinagar which would cope well with the heavy rains.

The people also share the part of the blame for not being able to take care of the drainage system which belongs to them and it is them who have to decide as to how it will behave during a heavy rainfall, he said.

I do not expect them to be so naïve that they cannot tell the difference between ill-preparedness and ill-mechanism. We have no right to criticize the administration, he added.

He said that the administrative apathy has unleashed miseries for the people of city. During the previous years, Laigaroo said that the administration was caught napping following heavy spells snowfall.

However, he said that the concerned departments have not learnt lessons from the previous years.