We cannot tolerate vulgarity at our shrines, stern action will be taken against youth involved in cheap video shoot at Hazratbal: Dr Darakhshan

SRINAGAR — Chairperson of Jammu and Kashmir Waqf Board Dr Darakhshan Andrabi has ordered the police authorities to take stern action against the youth who have shot the vulgar video in Dagah Hazratbal lawns and uploaded it on social media, hurting the public sentiment.

“We cannot tolerate such vulgarity at our spiritual shrines. Waqf Board has already issued orders for prior permission for all for any shoot in shrine complexes and this cheap video shoot is in violation of the directive and is hurting the sentiments of the people. Such misdeeds cannot be tolerated at all. Action against Waqf staff on duty will also be initiated”, Dr Andrabi told news agency Kashmir Dot Com.

She appealed to the public also to report such mischievous acts immediately to the Police Or Waqf staff so that such elements are stopped from shooting such type of cheap videos.

“We will in no case allow such elements to play with the collective sentiments of the people in any case and such elements will be dealt with sternly”, assured Waqf Board Chairperson. — (KDC)