Anjuman Auqaf expresses strong resentment over disallowing Friday prayers at historic Jamia Masjid

SRINAGAR (KIMS) — The Anjuman Auqaf has expressed strong resentment against the administration for disallowing Friday prayers at the historic Jamia Masjid in Srinagar.

Anjuman also termed the placing of Mirwaiz-e-Kashmir Dr Moulvi Muhammad Umar Farooq under continuous house arrest and restricting him from carrying out his religious duties as extremely unfortunate and reprehensible.

Anjuman’s statement came after the Jammu and Kashmir administration did not allow the Friday prayers at historic Jamia Masjid for the seventh consecutive week.

Anjuman Auqaf, the management body of the Jamia Masjid in a statement said, “On one hand, the government claims everyday that the situation in Kashmir is normal, but it is a pity that contrary to these claims, even on the seventh Friday, Jamia Masjid was forcibly closed and the top religious leader of Kashmir, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq kept under house detention. This way, the centuries-old minbar and mihrab of Jamia Masjid – the great place of worship in Kashmir – were again silent.”

The statement said, “Such hostile behaviour of the administration towards Jamia Masjid and Mirwaiz-e-Kashmir is incomprehensible.”

“Such actions hurt the religious sentiments of the people and tantamount to interfering in religious matters,” the statement said.

The Anjuman also urged the administration to change its policy towards Jamia Masjid and Mirwaiz and do away with undue restrictions. — (KIMS)