Army organized Financial Education Seminar at Koyil COB

PULWAMA — In a concerted effort to enhance the financial literacy of the local community, 55 RR Battalion (Grenadiers) and 12 Sect RR/CIF (V) organized a highly informative Financial Education Seminar at Koyil COB.

The seminar, held on July 12, aimed to educate the residents on basic financial concepts and provide them with a comprehensive understanding of financial education.

Under the guidance of OIC Capt Siddharth Singh, the Koyil COB collaborated with Mr. Mudatsir, the Sales Head Executive from the State Bank of India, to conduct an exhaustive workshop on the digitization of the economy and the benefits of e-services.

The meticulously planned workshop witnessed active participation from the locals, who posed various questions and had their queries addressed by the executives from the State Bank of India.

The workshop proved to be a resounding success, with 50 residents of Koyil village benefiting from the exclusive session.

The initiative garnered significant interest from neighboring villages, as the locals expressed their curiosity and eagerness to learn more about financial education.

Through this workshop, Koyil COB not only provided essential insights but also instilled hope, trust, and a sense of belongingness among the people.

The Indian Army, represented by the 55 RASHTRIYA RIFLES, has consistently demonstrated its commitment to the welfare of the locals and continues to uphold their trust.

The efforts of Koyil COB in organizing such seminars and workshops were met with genuine appreciation and applause from the local community.

The event not only enhanced the financial literacy of the participants but also projected a positive image of the Indian Army, showcasing its dedication to improving the lives of the citizens.

The seminar specifically targeted the youth of the local community who are about to embark on their journey of starting families.

By equipping them with knowledge about personal financial management, budgeting, and investing, the Indian Army aims to empower the younger generation to make informed decisions and effectively utilize government schemes and initiatives.

The intended message is to encourage the optimum utilization of these resources to build a sustainable life for a better future.