Bear and cub roaming in Srinagar captured, schools allowed to resume operations

SRINAGAR — In a big relief to the residents of Srinagar, the bear and a cub which were roaming in the city captured by a team of wildlife department on Monday.

The wild bear had created fear and authorities now say all schools can function normally.

“After 21 hours non stop operation, Black Bear spotted yesterday in Rajbagh area has been tranquillised. Great job by the Team led by Wildlife Department, Deputy Commissioner Srinagar Aijaz Asad said in a tweet as per KDC.

“Area has been scanned and sanitized. All educational institutions in the area shall open normally as per daily routine,” he added.

The bear on Sunday injured a security guard of private school at Lal Mandi. It has not been revealed so far by the authorities as to how the bear and the cub reached the densely populated area of Srinagar. — (KDC)