Communal Harmony: Muslims help perform last rites of Kashmiri Pandit in Tahab Pulwama

PULWAMA (KIMS) — In yet another example of communal harmony and brotherhood, the local Muslims in Tahab village of Pulwama district in South Kashmir came together to help perform the last rites of their Pandit neighbour.

Makhan Lal Zutshi, a 70-year-old retired PDD employee was in Delhi where he died of heart attack on Wednesday and his body was brought back to his native village Tahab on Thursday evening.

His cremation was done with the help of local friends and neighbors from the Muslim community on Friday noon.

The local Muslims organized and performed his last rites and mourned his death as one of their own. They shouldered his coffin and arranged wood for the cremation in the village.

“We have lived alongside each other and done everything together,” a local said while participating in his last rites.

“We share a bond that goes back hundreds of years. When we heard about the sad news, all of us rushed to console the family members and arrange the last rites,” he said.

Zutshi is survived by a son who is a teacher at Government school and four daughters who all are married. — (KIMS)