Drugs Free Kashmir: 70-year-old man participates in Drug de-addiction rally in Anantnag


ANANTNAG (KIMS) — With walking ailment, a 70-year-old man participates in a drug de-addiction rally in Anantnag district of South Kashmir.

Sending a strong message to budding lot on living a respectable drug free life.

The 70-year-old man namely Mohammad Maqbool Shah, resident of Dooru area of Anantnag district was performing his daily chores, when he learnt about drug de-addiction rally in the area. In a jiff he took part in the rally by walking shoulder to shoulder with young participants.

Shah had never consumed any kind of drugs since childhood.

While speaking exclusively on the sidelines of rally, Shah according to Kashmir Independent Media Service (KIMS Kashmir) said, “I have never ever indulged in smoking, and drugs in my entire life and alhamdulillah (Praise to God) I am living my life to the fullest.”

He added, “The young generation is destroying their precious lives by consuming drugs such as alcohol, cannabis, heroine etc. which is taking a serious toll not only on their health but their loved ones are also being effected mentally.”

He also said that drug abuse is a serious cause of concern in our society and one needs to stand up on putting an end to this menace which is pushing our budding lot towards the wall.

Pertinently, the Jammu Kashmir administration is taking several initiatives on putting a stop on the surge in drug abuse.

Recently many organisations have conducted several initiatives aimed at bringing the drug addicts to the normal ends of their lives. Several sports and adventural events have been held in the past.

Shah told Kashmir Independent Media Service (KIMS Kashmir), “The parents also are not aware about the whereabouts of their wards.They don’t no whether they are in school or somewhere else, a strict vigil is needed to ensure the well being of their loved ones.

“At this point of my life I need complete rest but I felt that taking part in this rally is participating for a noble cause and I was happy to participate in drug de-addiction rally.”

He further added that, “The excess use of smart phones by people particularly young generation also effected the mental and social life.”

The people shoud explore outdoor games and other activities so that they can enjoy, that will benefit their mental and physical health.

On Thursday, the anti-drug rally was organised by local political party Jammu and Kashmir Nationalist People’s Front (JKNPF) in Dak Banglow Anantnag district. — (KIMS)