Former Pak PM Imran Khan appears in court wearing bulletproof helmet

LAHORE — Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was seen outside court in Lahore wearing a makeshift bulletproof helmet that resembled a black hood, fully guarded by four men with bulletproof shields and an aide guiding him to an anti-terror court for seeking an extension in bail in three of the scores of cases registered against him, according to Geo News.

A video of the incident went viral on social media, with some viewers comparing Khan’s appearance to that of the famous American singer Marshmallow. The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief was shot in the leg during a political event in Wazirabad in November 2022.

Since then, the PTI believes Khan has faced threats to his life and consequently travels with extreme caution.

Khan came for the hearing and went through strict security to enter the courtroom.

Security personnel surrounded him with bulletproof shields, and he wore a makeshift bulletproof helmet that resembled the black hood pulled over the head of a death row prisoner before hanging.

According to Geo News, an aide can be seen in the footage guiding Imran Khan towards the court since it was impossible to see through the slit in the bulletproof helmet.

Additionally, embattled former Pakistan Prime Minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) head Imran Khan was granted interim bail in three cases by a Lahore anti-terrorism court on Tuesday, according to Geo News.

Imran Khan’s bail in three terrorism cases against him has been extended till April 13.