Govt asks States to remain vigilant as COVID-19 cases surge

NEW DELHI — The Central Government has called upon States to stay vigilant in response to the increasing COVID-19 cases and the identification of India’s first case of the JN.1 variant.

In a letter to the States and Union Territories, Union Health Secretary Sudhansh Pant commended the sustained efforts and collaborative actions between the Centre and State Governments that have successfully kept COVID-19 rates at sustainable low levels.

Despite this success, Pant urged continued momentum to effectively address public health challenges, especially with the virus adapting to Indian weather conditions and interacts with other common pathogens.

Notably, states like Kerala have reported a slight rise in COVID-19 cases are advised to implement public health measures ahead of the festive season and comply with revised surveillance strategies to minimize the risk of the transmission of the disease.

They are also advised to monitor and report district-wise cases of Influenza-like Illness (ILI) and Severe Acute Respiratory Illness (SAR) for early detection.

The states were also advised to ensure adequate testing in all districts as per COVID-19 testing guidelines and maintain the recommended share of RT-PCR and antigen tests. — (PTI)