‘Hijab is our right, our culture’, says Muskan after CM lifts Hijab ban in Karnataka

MANDYA (KARNATAKA) — Reacting to the announcement of CM Siddaramaiah to lift ban on the hijab, Muskan, a student from Mandya district in Karnataka who had raised the slogan of “Allah hu Akbar” against a group that chanted “Jai Shri Ram”, stated that,”hijab is our right and let us live like brothers and sisters henceforth”.

Speaking to the media on Saturday, Muskan said, “Hijab is our culture. It is our right. I believe that we will get the right. There should be no politics in education.”

“I thank CM Siddaramaiah, Minister Zameer Ahmad Khan, Speaker U.T. Khader and DyCM D.K. Shivakumar. I thank them for giving back our rights. They have supported our culture. We used to study at the college like brothers and sisters. It should always be like that,” she stated.

“She further said, “Hijab is our religion and we need to follow it. Because of the ban on hijab many girls were forced to remain at their homes. I did not go to college for a year. Now, I am going to PES College. The others also should come out and take exams,” Muskan stated.

At the height of the hijab crisis in the state during the previous government, Muskan had taken out a pro-Islam slogan and confronted a group of students chanting pro-Hindu slogans in the college campus.

The video of the incident had gone viral on social media. — (IANS)