Kashmiri’s deprived of basic rights on India’s 72nd Republic Day

Srinagar (KIMS): Yet again Kashmiri’s were deprived of basic fundamental rights on 26th January on the eve of 72nd Republic Day of India.

The mobile internet services in Kashmir division of Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir were snapped by Government on midnight of 25-26 January ahead of 72nd Republic Day of India.

The services were restored at 6:00 pm on 26 January after 18 hours.

Every year on the eve of Republic Day and Independence Day of India, Government bars mobile internet and calling service in Kashmir for security reasons. Even after Abrogating Special Status of Jammu and Kashmir and changing it from State to Union Territory, the situation remains same.

However, this time only internet service were barred and calling service remained functional.

The internet service were barred and communication blackout was imposed in Jammu and Kashmir on August 5, 2019 after the Abrogation of Special Status of Jammu and Kashmir and bifurcation of State into two Union Territories.

In October 2019, Calling Service on Postpaid SIM Cards was restored and in January 2020 SMS service was restored on Postpaid. A month later in February low-speed (2G) internet service was restored. In March the calling and internet service was also restored on Prepaid SIM Cards.

Since then, 2G internet service is being extended and till date no hope of restoration of high-speed (4G) internet services in Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory. However high-speed (4G) internet service was restored in Ganderbal and Udhampur districts.

Although the Government says the 4G internet service will be restored soon but the wait never ends which is adding miseries to the sufferings of people especially to business and students community.

People faced lot of problems due to low-speed (2G) internet service in Jammu and Kashmir especially during Covid-19 period when Government announced that all educational institutions will conduct online classes for studies as gathering was not allowed. It were people of Jammu and Kashmir who couldn’t study well due to crawling internet speed.

Many organisations have filed petitions in Supreme Court of India regarding restoration of high-speed (4G) internet service in Jammu and Kashmir. The Supreme Court directs Government for reasons for delay in restoration of 4G internet service in Jammu and Kashmir. The Governments reply to Honourable Supreme Court is that due to security reasons curbs have been imposed on high-speed (4G) internet service.

The Government further told that after reviving situation 4G internet service was restored in two districts across Jammu and Kashmir, Udhampur in Jammu division and Ganderbal in Kashmir division.

People are getting 2G services while paying for 4G. If the Government can’t provide 4G service to people then why don’t they introduce 2G packs for Jammu and Kashmir so that it can ease burden on people especially to students. (KIMS)

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